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"I believe we have learned a lot from this difficult time. All of this is what has driven us to be the 21st century company. There are two types of watch brands in the industry. Tornare says that there are watch brands with a long history and that are nervous about moving forward. We must preserve the opinions of collectors and purists who say we shouldn't do this. Others brands can begin with a blank piece or white paper and the ability for innovation. They aren't offensive to anyone. Jean-Claude Biver, the architect of LVMH's watchmaking division, was a man I have believed in all my life. The present and future should not be compared to the past. Innovation should not be opposed to tradition."

Innovative, but timeless

omega seamaster replica's strength lies in its ability to imagine. It has always been. It is evident in the 1969 creation of the El Primero automatic chronograph mechanism. The remarkable story continues with Charles Vermot,Rolex Replica Watches a omega seamaster replica senior engineer, hiding the El Primero's technical plans, telling the incredible story of how the movement survived the Quartz Crisis. Vermot, a company-saving vision for the future, defied his superiors in the hope that omega seamaster replica would return to mechanical watchmaking. Vermot was brave enough to keep the manufacturing process that made the famous chronograph movement. His decision made history.

"When I was celebrating the El Primero last years, I met many people who worked on it, people in their 80s, and they told me that you shouldn't just repeat what we did in 1960s. Tornare states that you must invent because what is current today will be tradition tomorrow. "Innovation today could become an icon piece in the future. It's our responsibility. It's easy to play between the past, the present and the future. This is a way for the younger generation to see that the watchmaking industry has not stagnated."

Watch companies still need to tell stories, but there are better, faster and smarter ways to do so. omega seamaster replica discovered new ways to bring together clients, friends, media and ambassadors by observing social distancing. The pace of digital activations continues to accelerate, including "live" features on social networks,Audemars Piguet Replica Watches Instagram's "On Air", and e-commerce operations. omega seamaster replica is also focusing on its retailers and boutiques, and introducing limited editions as well as exclusive regional editions at an accelerated pace.

omega seamaster replica is still a small production. Tornare says that no matter what omega seamaster replica you purchase, you are part of a small club. Sometimes we have to create smaller clubs. The Manufacture Edition is a dial we found in our attic that was created from an old dial. It's available only because people aren't able to get it. This is part of luxury's power, I believe. It's not something we do on purpose. We restrict distribution channels through our manufacturing site or e-commerce. It's all part of the magic. Therefore, it is important to think strategically around this concept.